Muslim girl says her father threw her body down a well after killing her — but Jesus was there to catch her and restore her life


Jesus Christ caught a Muslim girl killed and thrown down a well by her own father. If that sounds like an incredible storyline, the next thing that followed is even more astonishing: Jesus restored the girl's life!

The girl named Ramza told Bibles for Mideast that such a great miracle really happened to her.

She said it all started when her father proposed that she marry an older, wealthy man, who already had three wives and several children.

Ramza was sickened by her father's plan and she pleaded with him to arrange such a marriage.

When her father refused, she threatened to run away from home.

That's when her father exploded in rage. He grabbed a chair and hit her on the head with one of its legs. The blow broke Ramza's skull, killing her.

Ramza's father and stepmother then placed her in a plastic bag, put it in the trunk of their car, and drove for miles until they reached a farm where there was a dry well on the property. They threw Ramza's body down the shaft.

At that point, Ramza said she felt her soul was going into hell. But then she remembered her friend giving her the Gospel. She felt that if she could just touch and grab it, her soul would find rest "in an amazing garden." But she wasn't able to.

As her body plummeted down the well, something out of this world happened. "A strong, healthy and beautiful man" stood at the bottom of the well and caught her in His hands, she recalled.

He proceeded to untie the sack, placed His hands on her head and back and breathed life into her body.

"I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw the nail marks in His hands," she said.

Immediately she knew it was Jesus, and believed in Him as Saviour and Lord.

Jesus then carried Ramza in His arms and brought her out of the well. He told her, "I am the resurrection and the life; he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (John 11:25)."

Jesus laid her gently on the ground and Ramza said she prostrated herself before Him.

Tears gushed from her eyes as she told Him, "Jesus, you're my Lord and Saviour. You were crucified and died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours. I believe in you."

She lifted her head to look at Him, but He disappeared.

A pastor and his wife in a nearby village then found Ramza who told her that Jesus guided them to her so they could take care of her.

"Now I have been born again by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour and I have become a citizen of the Kingdom of God," Ramza said.