Multi-faith ceremony remembers Lee Rigby

A multi-faith ceremony has been held in Woolwich to remember murdered Drummer Lee Rigby.

The ceremony at Woolwich Central Baptist Church was joined by representatives of the major faiths.

It takes place nearly a month after the brutal murder of Rigby, 25, in Woolwich. The suspects were filmed at the scene making political statements using Islamic language, leaving the Muslim community horrified.

A Woolwich choir from City of David Church sang hymns at the ceremony and London-based electro pop group Ooberfuse performed a special song they released in Rigby's memory calling for calm and a crusade of love.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairperson of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said "This event was a collaboration between people of good conscience who through their actions have shown that love has no colour, creed or religion.

"By standing together in solidarity people of all faiths have illustrated that Britain is a resilient and harmonious society."

Samina Rehmat, a Muslim poet and journalist, said: "We were together before, we are together now and we will always be together. This act of extremism does not represent Islam, it is simply an evil attack by people filled with hatred."