Mulberry's Christmas advert replaces Jesus with £700 handbag in a nativity scene

Jesus has been replaced as the centre of the nativity scene by a £700 bag in Mulberry's Christmas advert.

The designer bag company released their Christmas advert today which features a young couple being joined by three wise men, a shepherd and a farmer to marvel at their precious new gift.

Except the gift isn't the gift of redemption in the form of the son of God. It's not the prince of peace, or the fulfilment of prophecy. It's a handbag. To be fair it is a Mulberry Bayswater bag in fiery spritz red in a small classic grain finish... Almost as good.

Mulberry have labelled the bag a #MulberryMiracle and although it doesn't claim to offer eternal salvation, it is "timeless and classic" which "unites the very best of Mulberry's craft heritage and effortless style," according to the website. It must be quite something.

The advert opens with a woman eagerly opening her gift to reveal the new Bayswater bag. As she gushes over her husband, a shepherd and a farmer, both with broad west-country accents enter their barn to dote on it.

"Isn't that a picture?" says the farmer.

"There it is," says the shepherd, as if completing a desperate search. "I wouldn't normally go for red but that really works dunnit? Someone's a very lucky girl."

As orchestral music plays in the background, three 'wise men' burst through the door.

"Sorry the traffic was a nightmare! We come bearing gifts" they say. "This is truly marvellous, it smells amazing."

"The film is intended to bring a smile to everyone's face and dramatise the pleasure of giving Mulberry at Christmas," according to the British brand.

#MulberryMiracle maybe, but this tongue-in cheek advert hasn't quite convinced me. I think I'll stick to #JesusMiracle.