Mother who bravely refused cancer treatment to save unborn son dies on New Year's Eve

Kathy and Nathan Taylor with their five children.(Photo: Kathy's miracle blog)

A woman who refused cancer treatment for fear of hurting her unborn child died on New Year's Eve.

Kathy Taylor, 34, was diagnosed with melanoma when she was 26-weeks pregnant, and prolonged delivery as the cancer spread inside of her.

The Utah wife and mother of five was given only days to live when she was diagnosed in late August. When her liver began to fail, doctors were forced to deliver baby Luke on September 11. 

"With an inability to save herself, Kathy is devoting her strength to giving birth to the little one inside…one last act of selfless love," her husband, Nathan, wrote on the "Kathy's Miracle" blog.

Born 14 weeks early, Luke weighed just one pound and 15 ounces. Kathy was expected to pass away one day after the delivery, but held on to hold her son. Her sixth child died on September 27 from an infection.

Kathy continued to beat doctor's expectations and lived months longer than expected. When she passed away this week, the loss was no easier for her family. Nathan said he fainted when he learned he had lost his wife.

"As I realised [Kathy] had gone, I gathered her in my arms and embraced her. I could not believe it," he wrote in a blog post. "I was so sad that I had been asleep and not been with her when she passed. I was so sad it was already goodbye."

Nathan wrote on Facebook that New Year's Eve will always be a celebration of Kathy's life.

"I love you Kathy," he added on his family's blog. "I hope you know that. Woman of unwavering faith."