Most Christians hate Christian TV - survey chief executive Pastor David Wright polled his channel's more than 100,000 Facebook fans to find out what they think of Christian TV - and he was more than a little surprised by the results.

Pastor Wright was shocked to discover that the vast majority said they hate Christian TV and do not watch it.

He said that 90% of the feedback to his poll was negative.

Comments in the response posts indicated several major turn-offs when it comes to Christian TV:

Too much begging for money and fundraising telethons

False prosperity teachers manipulating people for offerings

Boring and a lack of quality programming

Lack of integrity of Christian leaders being broadcast

Pastor Wright said he was "flabbergasted" by the responses.

"I kind of expected there would be those Christians who thought Christian TV was too boring or not relevant for the times, but I never would have imagined the disdain thousands of Christians have for Christian TV," he said.

"Unfortunately, the greed for money has replaced the need for ministry among many of our ministers and Christian TV networks. People are fed up with the lust for material things."

He added that a lack of integrity among pastors and leaders of today has played a major role in the negative perception of Christian TV.

"We can't have pastors indulging in sin and expect people not to be turned off," he said.