Mormon church remains steadfast against gay marriage, alternative lifestyles

ReutersThe Mormon Church's Temple in Salt Lake, Utah.

Leaders of the Church of Latter Day Saints have underscored the Church's position against gay marriage and cautioned its members against falling victim to alternative and counterfeit lifestyles.

According to a report by The Guardian, L. Tom Perry, a member of the LDS's Quorum of the Twelve, used his speech at the semi-annual Mormon conference held at Salt Lake City, to reiterate that marriage is an institution that is exclusive to a man and woman.

"We want our voice to be heard against all of the counterfeit and alternative lifestyles that try to replace the family organisation that God Himself established," he said.

Perry explained to attendees the importance of holding firm to their commitment to the sanctity of family, despite mainstream media and entertainment trying to make traditional values obsolete.

This year's conference focused mainly on strengthening families and definining their impact on the development of the economy and stable cultural values.

For his part, D. Todd Christofferson, who is also a part of the Quorum, said a traditional family was the ideal setting for the fulfilment of God's plan.

"A family built on the marriage of a man and woman supplies the best setting for God's plan to thrive - the setting for the birth of children who come in purity and innocence from God," he said.

The Church's message comes amid growing acceptance of gay marriage and same sex unions in America, and the softening stance of some Churches towards homosexuality.

While the LDS has been instrumental in the passage of an anti LGBT discrimnation bill, the Church's official position on gay marriage remains unchanged. 

In 2013, Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum, said that human laws cannot make moral what God has declared immoral. The following year, another member of the Quorum, Neil L. Andersen, also stuck to the same message, saying that while some governments and individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not.