'Modern Family' season 8 spoilers: Phil takes a stand; series will push for a few more seasons


"Modern Family" has been renewed for an eighth season and according to a report from Movie News Guide, it may focus on a few episodes where Phil (Ty Burrell) attempts to make a stand. In season 7, he felt useless when Claire (Julie Bowen) proved she could easily take over his responsibilities. This may change in season 8.

According to the report, Phil may take extreme measures to prove his worth to Claire and the rest of the household. This may go beyond just managing the home and office, akin to what Claire did in season 7, but by achieving a new level of success that Claire would never dare dream of attempting.

The report also points out that Jay (Ed O'Neill) expressed his desire to return to work and this may cause some imbalance with the amount of control that Claire has already established. How this will affect Phil's plans in season 8 has yet to be seen but fans speculate Phil and Jay will be scheming on a plan together.

Season 8 may be looking like another success for ABC, with the dynamics between Claire and Phil shifting, but according to a report from Deadline, the end of the series is already near. Series co-creator Christopher Lloyd explained that the end was in sight and that if possible they could keep the show going at least up to season 10.

Lloyd explained that one of their goals was to end the show strong instead of letting it die out weakly the way many shows do. Many television series are simply canceled without planning due to consistently decreasing viewership ratings. 

Co-creator Steven Levitan confirmed this when he stated, "I think my personal goal at this point would be 10 seasons. I don't know if it's attainable or not. I think we'll have to look at it every year, and if we feel like we're just running out of things to say then it will be time to make that tough call."