Mixing art and community in East London

Ally Gordon in Husk(Photo: London City Mission)

London City Mission is collaborating in a new artist-led gallery and project space in East London.

Husk has been set up with the help of Morphē Arts and Departure, London City Mission's cafe and arts centre in Limehouse.

The project aims to engage the local community with contemporary art and wider culture. The space will provide the opportunity for artists to come together and for members of the public to appreciate their art.

Husk takes its name for the Danish word for 'remember'. The project sits within Departure, in what was the old Danish Seaman's Mission chapel. A memorial plaque to the sailors of Denmark who gave their lives in WWII can still be found on the wall below the organ bearing the word 'husk'.

Husk's current exhibition is entitled Monochrome and will be on display until 27 July. It features pieces from Ann-Marie James, Karen David and Alastair John Gordon, Departure's artist in residence.

Alistair Gordon, curator and founder of Husk, said: "Whether we realise it or not, art plays a big part in our lives. Humans are inherently creative and our art can function in several ways.

"It can be a window, like looking through a frame to see something of the way in which the artist sees the world or an idea.

"Sometimes it's like a mirror, reflecting your own ideas about the world, culture or morality back at you. It can also provide an excellent point of contact with people as it creates conversations about philosophy, emotions and theology."

More information on Husk and future exhibitions can be found at: http://departure.org.uk/husk

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