Mission possible for Cardiff churches

Evangelist Mike Thomas at an outreach event in Llanrumney in July

A group of churches sharing the same postcode in Cardiff have joined forces to bring their communities together through the Gospel message.

A year-long mission – called I CF3 - was launched in January in the CF3 postcode area of the Welsh capital with the goal of transforming lives and restoring communities.

Counties Cardiff evangelist Mike Thomas has been working with leaders from seven other churches in the area on a concentrated effort of outreach events.

So far this year the I CF3 team have held curry evenings, photography exhibitions, community picnics, coffee mornings, fun days and mega messy church sessions. A huge fireworks community event is planned for later this year.

Mike said: "The areas in East Cardiff are quite insular and people don't tend to go into the other areas. Through I CF3, we wanted to unite all the areas in this postcode.

"The churches have always kept each other informed and prayed together but we have never worked together on a focused campaign of mission and evangelism.

"So far we have seen a real encouragement from the turnout at events and we feel the church is getting itself noticed. It's also been great to see churches uniting and working towards one purpose – to share God's love in a practical way."

Martyn Pennington, centre manager at the Christian Beacon Centre, added: "This campaign is not about the postcode but the people. There are more than 37,000 people who live in East Cardiff and we hope that through working together we can make Jesus known in our neighbourhoods and make a real difference."

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