Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 latest: Plane to be declared lost, MAS processing compensation for families

Associated Press

It's almost nine months of searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but with so many efforts, there's still no debris or remains of the plane found. According to reports, the flight will be officially declared lost so that families can already get their compensations.

The New Zealand Herald reported that both Malaysian and Australian governments are working on the compensation details for the families of the missing passengers. If the search operations do not find anything by the end of the year, the flight will be formally announced as lost.

Right now, the compensation details are being planned out, but the processing won't really progress until the flight is officially declared lost. So, that's something the families still have to wait for.

Malaysia Airlines is making sure that all families feel confident that they will get their money. Recently, the families are accusing MAS of avoiding paying the compensation to the family members. MAS outright denies these allegations and affirms that families will indeed get full compensation amounts.

Hugh Dunleavy, MAS Airline Director said, "We will ensure we do compensate them for the loss of their loved ones through our insurers. We are trying to hurry (compensation) up as much as we can but some of these things are outside the scope of the airline itself."

"If they're not happy with the compensation then they seek legal advice and move ahead, then once they come in our people will assess them and respond," he added.

Flight MH370 went missing on March 8. It departed from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing. It has 227 passengers and 14 crew members, all of whom are missing. It was believed that the Boeing 777 ended up in the Southern Indian Ocean. However, all search operations have failed in finding any proof of wreckage to date. The search for Flight MH370 has been the largest and most expensive in the aviation industry, according to The Malaysian Insider.