Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 update: 6 months on - what really happened?

Six months after the aircraft mysteriously disappeared, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is still nowhere to be found.

On Sept. 8, families of the missing passengers and the rest of the world commemorate the sixth month anniversary of the missing flight, although this is an event not worthy of any celebration. Flight MH370 is still missing without a single trace, and it remains as one of the biggest mysteries in the entire aviation history.  Families are still in agony while waiting for any information about their missing loved ones.

Despite the numerous efforts of the international aviation industry to locate the whereabouts of the Boeing 777, or even the bodies of any of its 239 passengers on board, none were successful. Until now, people all over the world are still speculating what really happened to the lost aircraft.

Six months after the fateful departure of the plane from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia bound for Beijing, China, the search team still believes that the aircraft is lying somewhere in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, just several miles of the Australian coast. Experts are now narrowing the search zone to an approximately 23,000-square mile area.

In the last several weeks, the team designated to look for the mystery plane resumed the search using state-of-the-art water sonar equipments and video cameras in hopes of finding any parts of the aircraft.

"That search will continue until all that is humanly possible to be done has been done to scour the probable impact zone," Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia told CBS News.

Since it went missing in March 8, a total of 26 countries provided their support for the search missions that were done on land, sea, and air. The teams initially focused their search in South China Sea before considering shifting their focus elsewhere.

Former spokesperson from FAA Scott Brenner said, "We had so much time wasted in the beginning of the crash so we had so little data available and then the data we did have that we knew was solid was not being acted upon."

For six months, the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft is still a mystery to the world, but to the grieving families, six months had been a very excruciatingly long time to wait for any news about their nearest and dearest.