Miranda Kerr thanks Christ every day, prays for help forgiving others

The former Victoria's Secret model has a 3-year-old son with actor Orlando Bloom.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr(AP)

Top model Miranda Kerr shared some of the life lessons she has learned in a recent interview, and revealed that she relies on frequent conversations with the Lord to help her maintain peace and focus.

The 31-year-old identified forgiving others and herself, praying, and being thankful as keys to experiencing greater joy and harmony in life.

"I like to pray and I like to meditate," she told Into the Gloss. "Doing just three minutes of prayer and a minimum of five minutes meditation twice a day sets the tone—like an arrow so that you're hitting your target.

"When I pray I always thank Mother Nature for all the beauty in the world; it's about having an attitude of gratitude. And then I pray to Christ to say, 'Thank you for this day and my family and my health,' and now that I'm older I've added, 'Please illuminate me. Please open my heart chakra. Open my aperture and uplift my consciousness so that I can be the best version of myself.'"

Kerr also said that she continually prays for a spirit of forgiveness.

"We're all humans and we all make mistakes—even little things like looking at someone the wrong way, or snapping at someone. But forgiving yourself and asking for forgiveness from the person creates an energy shift.

"It's another thing I pray for—'Please forgive me if I have said anything to anyone that has hurt someone. Please allow them to forgive me and allow me to forgive myself.' Even those that we find challenging to be around are sometimes the people that need the prayers the most.

"If you've had an intense conversation with someone, a good thing to do would be to say to them, 'I forgive you, and please forgive me.' We all say things sometimes to hurt people, so it's important to forgive and have peace with others and forgive and be at peace with yourself."

The former Victoria's Secret model is also a mother to three-year-old Flynn, her son with actor Orlando Bloom. The couple married in July 2010, and announced in October 2013 that they had separated.

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