'Miracle baby' pastor Gilbert Deya extradited to face child trafficking charges

The UK has extradited a pastor who claimed to have created miraculous pregnances after he lost a long-running legal battle.

Gilbert Deya has been flown back to Kenya where he will face charges of child trafficking.

Facebook/Gilbert DeyaGilbert Deya has been extradited to Kenya where he will face charges of child trafficking.

Deya is accused of stealing five children between 1999 and 2004. He has denied the allegation.

At his Gilbert Deya Ministries church in Peckham he told women unable to have children that they could have 'miracle babies' through the power of his prayers. They were flown to Nairobi where the babies were 'delivered' in backstreet clinics. However, DNA tests showed the babies were not related to their 'parents'.

The deception was revealed by a BBC investigation. Asked at the time how he explained the discrepancy between the DNA tests, he said at the time: 'The miracle babies which are happening in our ministry are beyond human imagination.

'It is not something I can say I can explain because they are of God and things of God cannot be explained by a human being.'

The UK Charity Commission launched an investigation into Gilbert Deya Ministries last year over safeguarding issues and its sale of so-called 'healing' olive oil.

Deya was exposed by the Sun newspaper as selling olive oil from Aldi at inflated prices as a cure for cancer and infertility.