'Minority Report' season 1 episode 5 spoilers: Dash helps Vega find her father's killer

Dash and Detective Vega join forces in the upcoming episode of "Minority Report."Facebook/Fox

Dash (Stark Sands) will help Vega (Meagan Good) find her father's murderer in the upcoming episode of the Fox series "Minority Report."

In "The Present," ComicbookMovie reports that the precog and the lady cop will join forces to track down the person responsible for killing Vega's father. This is after Dash realizes that his latest vision is about her, where she ends up being a victim. The pair will reportedly locate someone who played a key role in the murder many years ago and use him solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Arthur (Nick Zano) will take a trip down memory lane to look for his and his siblings' memories.

Last episode, Vega and Dash went undercover to stop a possible murder from being committed. The would-be killer was a rich playboy named Cayman (Andrew J. West) who was throwing a fundraising party. They were joined by Akeela (Li Jun Li) for this mission. Dash decided to approach what he saw in his vision as the would-be victim, a gorgeous girl named Fredi (Sheila Vand). He immediately felt a strong attraction for her, and it was not long when they started to divulge their secret to each other.

It turned out that Fredi only worked for Cayman to get more information on how her sister died. She was bent on putting the blame on his doorstep and was bidding her time until she could do so. Dash decided to help her, feeling that their connection became stronger after the admission. Only, he never realized that the murderer was not Cayman, but Fredi.

The rich playboy was actually the victim in his vision and Fredi was the one who was in danger of becoming a killer. Fortunately, before she could actually murder Cayman, Dash managed to convince her to let the police handle the case and run away before Vega and Akeela arrived. Vega agreed with Dash to let Fredi go while apprehending Cayman for his negligence in her sister's death.

"Minority Report" airs Mondays 10 p.m. EST on FOX.