Microsoft Windows 10 problems: Users are experiencing video bugs

The most awaited and most talked about Windows 10 from Microsoft is apparently not doing so well since its release as the new software reportedly caused several issues for users.

The most notable problem is that of the performance issues when it comes to watching videos on Netflix and YouTube.

Facebook courtesy of Windows

After many users crossed over to the updated side of the platform, they began experiencing problems with smooth video streaming.

As expected, many of the users took it to Microsoft's community forums to express their disappointments.

According to report from Tech Times, one user complained about how there were lagging issues when visiting video streaming sites.

The user even urged Microsoft to deal with the problem immediately because the user is beginning to regret the decision to upgrade to Windows 10. The user even attempted to work around the solution by getting the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, but the attempt was futile.

There were also reports that the infamous "blue screen of death" showed up with the new OS, as reported in Digital Trends.

With all these consumer complaints, Microsoft stepped in and acknowledged that the new OS caused problems with videos and the company suggested to employ traditional troubleshooting procedures as a solution.

It should allow users to figure out the problem and ensure that they are able to play videos properly.

It was also suggested that these people should run the Windows Update to ensure that the latest and established OS version is running on the device.

Meanwhile, Neurogadget also compiled three of the most common problems from Windows 10 that users faced, including battery life issues and reboot loops, and provided respective solutions.

The outlet also mentioned that sometimes uninstalling or reinstalling some apps and devices might fix the problem.

Nevertheless, Windows is obviously aware of these situations and they are also continuously releasing new updates. So in the meantime, consumers might just have to wait for driver updates or the correct patch to arrive.