Surface Pro 4 release date with Surface Pro Mini this fall?

Will Microsoft Surface Pro 4 look exactly like the Surface Pro 3?

Will the upcoming Surface Pro 4 take a swipe at the current iPads? Like Apple's slate, the next tablet-laptop hybrid from Microsoft is rumored to get a mini version, too. 

Predicted to be released this fall, the device is believed to come in different sizes. Some reports say that the Surface Pro 4 will retain the 10.1-inch screen its predecessors packed, while the purported Surface Pro Mini will feature an 8-inch screen display to battle against Apple's iPad mini, Google's Nexus 9 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab devices.  Conversely, some rumors claim that there will be 12- and 14-inch models. At any rate, being available in multiple sizes can be an advantage for the manufacturer since it will be able to cater to different segments of the market. 

Should there be different sized models, the tablets will probably share some specs and features like quad HD (2160 × 1440 pixels) screen resolution and new Intel Broadwell processors paired with more than 8 GB RAM. Moreover, since Microsoft will be releasing the new Windows 10 operating system later this year, there is a high probability that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 tablets would run the OS out-of-the-box. 

Although there is no official word yet from Microsoft confirming the development of the Surface Pro 4 and whether or not it will be launched this fall, it would be perfect to introduce a new tablet alongside the new OS. Microsoft already unveiled the Technical and Consumer previews of Windows 10, revealing its key features such as the virtual assistant Cortana and the seamless integration of the desktop OS to its mobile version, which makes universal apps work in both platforms. 

In addition, the Redmond-based tech giant has been offering the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at great discounts, prolonging the deals it had since Christmas. This could be in preparation for the arrival of the current model's successor.