Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date next month?

Surface Pro 3Microsoft

With the recent price cuts on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it is said that fans of the Microsoft hybrid workhorse will not have to wait long for the release of its successor. According to recent rumors, the upcoming Microsoft Surface 4 will have a middle-of-the-year release, with some observers placing the date to be sometime in late July. 

Although Microsoft has remained mum about the release of the next-gen laptop hybrid, most fans and the tech community have been hearing rumors of the release of Surface Pro 4 this year, with some of the reports having some "sort of confirmation" through other sources and third parties. More recently, the July release of the anticipated laptop workhorse has been rumored to come together with the launch of Windows 10. Since it has already been confirmed that the upcoming new platform from Microsoft will launch on July 29, it seems that there is some truth to the rumor. 

In addition, although the launch of Windows 10 is big news in itself, bundling the launch with one of Microsoft's most-anticipated products will have a bigger impact on the market. Moreover, it has already been reported that although the Windows 10 launch will come in a staggered basis, the first to hit the shelves would be the PC and tablet editions. Having the platforms announced together with the Microsoft Surface 4 would be tipping the scales in the company's favor. 

Another rumor that is making its rounds online is that Microsoft is planning to come out with a whole new line-up of its products and services for a July release. Aside from Windows 10 making its appearance, the new platform will be released together with the Surface Pro 4 as part of the hybrid and tablet line-up, alongside the Lumia 940 and 940 XL smartphones.