Microsoft Windows 10 news: Stuttering fix now in the works, problem acknowledged by Microsoft

MicrosoftWindows 10 updated Start menu on Build 14328 a few years back.

Gamers frustrated by Microsoft's big "Creator's Update" due to the stuttering it caused will now be relieved to know that Microsoft has finally acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

The Creator's Update for Microsoft Windows 10 was introduced back in April and included a "Game mode" for the operating system, a mode which supposedly improves the performance of games running on Microsoft's own Windows Store game platform, as well as older Win32 desktop applications. However, Windows 10 users who received the update expressed their dissatisfaction of Microsoft's big update, claiming that it caused stuttering and performance drops on their games.

Paul Aron from Microsoft has since replied on Microsoft's behalf, stating that there are indeed underlying causes in the stuttering issues attributed to their update. More importantly, they are now working on the new fix, albeit it is still in testing mode and only available for Insider accounts. Insider account owners are able to test out build 16273, and, depending on how the testing goes, this build will eventually be released for everyone.

Affected Microsoft Windows 10 owners who do not have Insider access can acquire the build, but it requires a certain level of tech knowledge to operate.

As such, MSPower User found an improvised fix for the issue caused by the Creator's update. It involves disabling Xbox Game DVR features, although it is not an absolute fix and only works for some. Regardless, the placeholder fix is worth a try, especially if users do not own an Xbox One, since the DVR streams a recording of the user's PC gameplay onto the console.

Otherwise, the users are going to have to wait until the Insider test results finish or until the eventual release of the fall update for the Creator's update, which is set to be released on Oct. 17 for Windows 10 owners. Hopefully, it fixes the stuttering issue. Users who know their way around the said operating system can try out the Insider preview of Windows 10 here.