Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors: Hyrid believed to sport 4K display, new processor and improved battery life

A newer version of the Surface Pro, initially speculated to be coming this coming October, may not arrive until next year. Many also believe that the rumored hybrid will bring in great improvements when it comes to its display, battery life, and processing power and, hopefully, it will have a few more additional ports.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be sporting a new processor, the Kaby Lake and not Skylake or Cannonlake, as previously rumored. Kaby Lake is the code name of the architecture for the upcoming generation of Intel processors but will still have the 14nm nodes. Mass production is anticipated to happen by the end of the year. If it will wait for the 10nm nodes, the Cannonlake, the next hybrid will most probably come by late 2017 or early 2018.

Also worth mentioning is the next Windows operating system, which should be on the next Surface Pro. Winbeta reported that the next version of Windows 10, called Redstone, is said to be still in its early beta stage and will probably be ready by spring 2017.

Churning out a 4K display may or may not happen. Many are already satisfied with the Surface Pro 4's screen resolution and quality, and it is only at 2736 x 1824 pixels. However, there are productivity programs that cannot adjust to the screen resolution of the tablet, such as Autocad and Photoshop, and, as it turns out, the text is so small that it becomes hard to read. With a 4K display, it might become microscopic.

However, this is way beyond the control of Microsoft and just an issue brought up by a few Surface Pro users.

Battery issue is such a complex thing to tackle, but many do complain about the short battery life of the Surface Pro 4 as opposed to the stated usable number of hours. The tech giant said that 12 hours of video playback is possible, but nobody has ever reached that number yet. The number of hours stated by its users is 3 to 6 hours only. There are several factors involved in here.

Lastly, many are also clamoring for more USB ports to be included on the rumored Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft has not made any annoncement yet regarding the next hybrid tablet. These are just a few of the things on the rumor mill.