Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date could be October: Specs to expect, price predictions

Even though the Microsoft Pro 4 did not come out last month, there is high probability that it would make its debut this coming October.

Earlier reports stated that once Windows 10 hits the market, there is a chance that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would debut alongside it or maybe some days or weeks after. But of course, the safe assumption is that the Surface Pro 4 would follow by the start of the fourth quarter of the year; and many believe that such is the case.

Seeing the Surface Pro 4 debut alongside Windows 10 is a long shot. Not only that, it would have the attention of consumers divided. Hence, its coming just a couple of months after Microsoft's latest operating system (OS) launch does indeed make sense and it would also give the company time to make some last minute checks.

All that aside, the upcoming laplet is expected to come out with either an i5 or i7 Intel Core processor. Storage will play between 64GB and 256GB.

As far as the screen display is concerned, rumors suggest that it will sport a 12-inch (2160x1440 resolution); but the kicker seems to be the fact that the tablet will have a properly ventilated make, despite its much talked about thinness and quieter frame.

Other perks could possibly include a stylus pen, an 8-megapixel main camera and 3.5-megapixel front-facing shooter, which should come in handy for video calls and apps. Word has it that the Surface Pro 4 will be good for use for up to 17 hours and that prices could start at $1,700.

With the popularity that the Surface Pro 3 has garnered, there are a lot of expectations from the Surface Pro 4. The former has become an impressive piece, allowing users to use it either as a tablet or a laptop, thanks mainly to the watch-type hinge that guides folks to convert it to either.