Microsoft Surface Phone release date news: Phone already getting a test, shows CShell support

Reuters/Dado RuvicThe Microsoft Surface Phone is rumored to have been undergoing various testing.

There is still no official information about the Microsoft Surface Phone from Microsoft itself, but enthusiasts and aficionados have already garnered information from various sources about the device's status. These sources said that the device is already being tested "in the wild" and it runs CShell.

In a podcast, Known Microsoft enthusiast Brad Sams said that he garnered two independent sources that confirmed the Microsoft Surface Phone is already being tested with its features. In addition, he said his sources revealed that the device will run under CShell, a Windows shell that could work dynamically with other device types.

According to 1reddrop, there are rumors that the CShell in Microsoft Surface Phone is not stable. However, Alex Kipman, who is known behind holographic computer HoloLens, is working for a new Microsoft device.

The article said that if the rumor is true, Microsoft might opt to ship the Microsoft Surface Phone this year to various stores. It is expected for Microsoft to steer clear of releasing a buggy version of what people expected as a "pretty revolutionary feature."

The Microsoft Surface Phone is said to run under Windows 10 on ARM64 with x86 emulation. It is also said that the device will have a full desktop experience, which could mean that a cellular PC or a mobile device with PC capabilities could connect to the Internet.

The rumored full desktop experience of Microsoft Surface Phone could mean that it could have Windows Store UWP applications. It also means that it could run traditional x86 win32 desktop applications.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is also expected to boast a huge battery life as one of its selling points to the market and could be extended to an external monitor through Continuum. With these features, of course, it is expected have a costly price.