Michael W Smith helps promote 90 Minutes in Heaven movie

(Facebook/90 Minutes in Heaven)Michael Smith and Kate Bosworth in a scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Christian artist Michael W  Smith has been helping promote the movie 90 Minutes in Heaven directed by Michael Polish, which will star Hayden Christiensen and Kate Bosworth.

Smith has been posting photos of the upcoming movie on his Facebook page, and he urged his fans to drum up more buzz for the film. "Been in Atlanta working throughout the last two weeks working on the movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven, in theaters this fall. Let's start helping to spread the word of this movie," he wrote.

Smith stars in the movie as Cliff McArdle. In one photo, Smith was seen with a smiling Bosworth, who will be playing Eva Piper.

Another photo showed a very busy crew and Smith captioned it, "Long day on set. Gonna be good!"

90 Minutes in Heaven is based on the book written by Baptist minister Don Piper and Celine Murphy. It is the story of one man who suffered through a horrific car crash, was pronounced dead, but later shocked family and friends when he miraculously came back to life, claiming to have seen Heaven.

Aside from 90 Minutes in Heaven, Smith is busy working on his new songs, one of which is "All Rise." According to the singer, the saying "all rise" is usually said in a courtroom, or whenever someone important is about to enter. People do this as a sign of respect, which Smith said that Christians should show God.

"There's a sense of this feeling when we worship, but on an even deeper, more powerful and worthy level. It's as if the bailiff is issuing this call to worship, as we invite the presence of the Lord into the room with us," he said.

And for him, there is only One who is truly worthy of that kind of adoration, and only One whose majesty is unending. "There is only One, the King of Kings, never failing. There is only One, One love alone that overwhelms the grave. And that's worth getting on our feet for!" he said.