'The Mentalist' season 7: TV Series heading for cancellation?

The Mentalist/Facebook

After an incredible six seasons and 138 engaging episodes, speculations are rife that "The Mentalist" seems to be heading towards its end because of the latest developments in the production for its seventh season.

One of the worse news that fans of the show heard recently was the announcement that Emily Swallow will not be returning in season 7, which means that major character Kim Fischer will be out of the show. Swallow cited her new gig in the latest Bravo series titled "Girlfriends Guide To Divorce" as the reason for leaving "The Mentalist."

Another blow to "The Mentalist" fandom is when CBS revealed that the show will not debut on the network's fall schedule, but instead begin during the mid-series break. The news was broken by actor Tim Kang, who played the role of Special Agent Cho. According to Kang, the new season is expected to start sometime in January 2015.

Because of these major developments, fans are expressing concerns about the future of the series. The statement of series creator Bruno Heller in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter did not help to dismiss their fears. He said, "The purpose of an encore is to get people leaving the theater happy and giving them what they want and hitting your marks as strong as possible, so that will be the intention."

The show's writer Jordan Harper also fueled the fire, saying: "It is not official but we are all working under the very strong assumption that this is the last season."

On the other hand, spoilers are constantly making rounds among the show's fandom, saying that the team of Agent Abbott, played by Rockmond Dunbar, as well as the rest of Agent Patrick Jane's crew, will have to go bowling to be able to save a case.

Though this could probably be the last season of the series, fans of "The Mentalist" should still watch out for the fantastic episodes until the very end.