Men and women prefer their partners casual


When it comes to the style choices of their significant others, men and women are surprisingly casual in their preferences.

A new survey found that over a third of men (35%) like their partner to dress casually.  This was followed by 13% who chose classy, 12% who liked business casual, and 10% who preferred professional. 

Only 9% said they preferred their partners to be trendy.  The least popular looks among the men were sporty (5%), vintage (3%) and preppy (2%).  More than one in 10 (11%) said their partner's style did not matter to them.

Preferences were similar among the women, with the largest proportion (42%) saying they preferred their partners to dress casually.  This was followed by business casual (12%) and classy (8%).  Vintage and preppy were also the least popular among the women - both 2%.  Fifteen per cent weren't fussed about their partner's choice of clothing.

The Pricegrabber survey asked the views of more than 3,000 adults.

Even when it came to first date attire, 47% of women and 39% of men said they were happy for their partner to dress casually. 

Among both men and women, one in five said it did not matter to them at all what the other half wore on a first date. 

And it seems both sexes prefer modesty on a first date, with sexy or revealing clothing coming bottom of the list - 14% among men and 3% among women. 

When it comes to the footwear they find most attractive, half of men chose a modest heal as their top choice for the women in their lives.  Their least favourite female footwear was ballet pumps (4%) and wedges (3%). 

Women were most likely to choose loafers (30%), followed by boots (22%) and formal dress shoes (20%).  Just 3% of women like their men in sandals. 

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