Megachurch Pastor T.D. Jakes explains faith to Larry King [VIDEO]

The Potter's House bishop also discusses the separation of church and state.

Pastor T D Jakes

Megachurch pastor and author Bishop T.D. Jakes recently visited "Larry King Now" to discuss his faith, the separation of church and state, and more.

The Potter's House leader explained to King what it means to believe in God, and described religion's world in a society that touts separation of church and state.

"Do you think religion has a role in politics?" King asked.

"In this country, yes!" Jakes answered, laughing. "Whenever anybody gets ready to run, they get religious whether they are or not.

"In all cultures, religion has affected art, it has affected literature, it has affected politics... I think affects the way we proceed and interact with each other every day."

Bishop Jakes also expressed his feelings regarding the recent Supreme Court decision allowing prayer in council meetings.

"I think it's very good," he said. "I think it's reflective of who we are as a people for the Supreme Court to acknowledge that faith is a part of our lives... to acknowledge the fact that there are people who are very comforted by their prayer life regardless of their belief system."

Jakes also commented on the campaign to remove God and Christianity from public forums.

"To those people who are adamantly atheistic or agnostic, their views are allowed to be respected too, but if respecting means acquiescing on my belief system in order to accommodate your own... there has to be some middle ground," he insisted.

When questioned about believing in God when His existence cannot be proven, Jakes compared faith to other experiences that only the participating individual can explain.

"I believe it like I believe I'm in love," he told King. "I could never prove to you that I'm in love, but I know that I am.

"I believe it like I know when I'm in pain. I could never prove to you that I'm in pain, but I know when I am.

"God is the one thing that cannot be proven. He must be revealed. It is the most personal relationship you will ever have in your life because it lives within your heart."

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