Paul Walker daughter Meadow Walker did not witness fiery crash, rep says


Paul Walker's daughter Meadow was not at the charity event her father had been attending on the day of his sudden death.

It was believed that Walker's 15-year-old daughter had been at the charity event on Nov. 30 to support victims of Typhoon Haiyan and that she had even witnessed the tragic car crash, but that has proven to be untrue.

Ame Van Iden, a representative for the actor, released a statement on Dec. 2. saying that Meadow did not witness the fatal accident.

"It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul's daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred. We want to clarify that Paul went to the event alone. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. Any claims stating otherwise are inaccurate."

The Fast and Furious Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in a fiery car crash this weekend when the Porsche Carrera GT they were driving crashed into a pole and burst into flames.

The Porsche Carrera GT has been described as one of the most dangerous cars to drive. Rodas and Walker were both experienced drivers and the case of the accident has not yet been determined, although authorities say speed may have been a factor.

Iden also said the Facebook statement made by Meadow upon the loss of her father was untrue, stating that a number of fake social media profiles had been popping up claiming to be Walker's daughter. "Meadow does not currently have any public profiles and is not currently active on social media. We ask that her privacy be respected at this time."

The bodies of both Walker and Rodas were beyond recognizable and the autopsy is currently underway. It is reported that dental records are being used to identify the men. Their bodies will be officially identified either tonight or later this week

Meanwhile, Walker's distraught family members are planning his funeral with the help of F&F co-star Tyrese Gibson.