Matt Maher's 'Empty & Beautiful' launches into space

|PIC1|Singer, songwriter and worship leader Matt Maher received an out-of-this-world honour when his album Empty & Beautiful was a carry-on item for astronaut Mike Good on NASA Mission STS-125.

Astronaut Good took Matt's music for inspiration on his journey to the Hubble Space Telescope. Space shuttle Atlantis launched on Servicing Mission 4, the final astronaut visit to the Hubble Space Telescope May 11 and returned May 24. The 13-day mission was to install new instruments, upgrade technology and prepare the telescope for many more years of cosmic exploration.

"I wanted you to know that I was praying for you and your band while orbiting above God's beautiful creation," wrote NASA astronaut Mike Good in an e-mail to Matt Maher after returning to Earth.

"I flew the CD you gave me (Empty & Beautiful) back at Johnson Space Center and enjoyed listening to you guys on orbit on my iPod. It was awesome looking out into space and back at Earth while listening to your beautiful music - really inspiring."

This mission marked the second time that Maher's music visited the cosmos. In June 2008 astronaut Ron Garan orbited the earth on NASA Mission STS-124 with Empty & Beautiful.

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