Massive Dust Storm Forms 'Hand of God' Over Israeli Border to 'Protect Nation From ISIS — Just Like in Old Testament'

Israeli soldiers watch the 'hand of Hashem' dust storm phenomenon on Dec. 1, 2016 in the Golan Heights.(Screenshot/Facebook/Israel News Online video)

Israeli soldiers call it the "hand of Hashem," or the hand of God.

It's a massive dust storm that formed last week over the Golan Heights on Israel's border with Syria. But unlike other dust storms that sweep through large areas, this one stopped right at the boundary and never entered Israel, affecting only the other side of the border, The Gospel Herald reported.

Many commenters proclaimed, "That's God!"

The Israeli soldiers who recorded a video of the phenomenon said the "hand of Hashem" protected them from ISIS fighters who were positioned just across the border. The video was posted on the Facebook page of Israel News Online.

"A weather phenomenon occurred at 8 am Thursday on the other side of the Syrian border, in the same place where ISIS attacked Israel," Israel News online reported. "This strange storm of what appears to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel."

Many people who saw the video likened the phenomenon to the miracles mentioned in the Old Testament when God rescued Israel from its enemies. One such miracle was when God produced a pillar of cloud to protect the Israelites from the Egyptians who were chasing them after they left Egypt to end their lives of slavery.

Jews believe last week's "miracle" over the Golan Heights was a form of "divine intervention."

The phenomenon occurred just three days after ISIS militants opened fire on Israeli soldiers along the buffer zone separating Israel from Syria in the southern Golan Heights—the first direct exchange of fire between Israeli soldiers and ISIS fighters.

Israeli warplanes immediately sprung into action, blasting a vehicle loaded with a heavy machine gun a few hundred metres from the border, killing four people in the vehicle, Haaretz reported.

Israeli officials expressed concern that the clash with the ISIS group could escalate, opening a new front in the already volatile region.

Some of those who saw last week's "hand of Hashem" video commented that it was a reminder to the Jews that God has not forgotten them and will continue to protect them from their enemies.