'Mass Effect 4' release date: Game on track for launch next year

"Mass Effect 4," or "Mass Effect Andromeda" to those who prefer to be technical about it, is still on its way to being released next year.

As fans may recall, the official release window of the game was announced earlier this year during Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and according to the game's developer, BioWare, players can expect the new title to be out by the holiday season of 2016, Trusted Reviews reported.

Holiday season is a broad window, however, and fans are still waiting for a more specific date that they can mark down on the calendar; but it appears there's nothing new for BioWare to report on that front.

Despite the lack of a specific release date, the mere fact that there's been no reports of the game being delayed since its E3 announcement should be taken as a good sign and does indeed bode well for the game arriving right when it should.

"Mass Effect 4" may not be released for another year, but as long as things stay on track, then fans will be glad to endure the wait.

As for what fans can expect from "Mass Effect 4," what's sure for now is that they will be taking control of a new hero or perhaps heroine in the upcoming game.

Commander Shepard has been ruled out as the main character for "Mass Effect 4," although interestingly enough, he could still make an appearance.

During a brief interview with media personnel on Twitter, BioWare's Chris Wynn said it would be impossible at this point to say if Shepard will be returning, although he didn't dismiss the possibility altogether either, according to The Bit Bag.

Wynn was also asked about the likelihood of a remastered trilogy of the early "Mass Effect" titles being released for current generation consoles, and he simply stated that he could not address that issue.

There's clearly a lot being kept under lock and key by BioWare, but sooner or later, more information will come about "Mass Effect 4" and maybe even the earlier games as well.