'Mass Effect 4' news: Staff shake-up may bring new lead writer

"Mass Effect 4," otherwise known as "Mass Effect Andromeda," may soon be getting a new lead writer.

Intrepid fans who have been perusing BioWare's website have noticed that there is something new on the said website that is related to "Mass Effect 4."

BioWare is the game's developer.

On the website, fans can see a new blog post about the respective team leads in the company's employ and one thing they have noticed is that "Mass Effect 4" apparently has no lead writer, at least as of now, according to iDigital Times.

Previously, BioWare had indicated that the lead writer for "Mass Effect 4" was Chris Schlerf, and the company had maintained that assertion up until at least June 15; but that appears to have changed if the listing on their website is indeed accurate.

As of now, Schlerf himself has yet to make any formal statement regarding his association or rumored removal from the project, although there could be news coming out soon.

If Schlerf has indeed been ousted as lead writer for "Mass Effect 4," fans have begun pointing to John Dombrow as a potential replacement.

Dombrow has previous experience working on "Mass Effect" games as his work has appeared in both the second and third installments of the franchise.

BioWare has yet to announce anything official in terms of the staffing for "Mass Effect 4."

In related news, having the Windows 10 operating system (OS) installed on your personal computer (PC) may become a requirement for players hoping to enjoy "Mass Effect 4," according to Design and Trend.

This is reportedly the case because the game's publisher Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) is already working towards releasing their first games utilizing the DirectX 12 technology. That development is significant because the new technology is compatible only with Windows 10.

It's worth noting that EA has not officially said that either DirectX 12 or Windows 10 will be requirements, although players might be better served preparing for that reality.