Mark Driscoll admits he started ministry too young; Perry Noble supports his new church endeavour

Mark Driscoll has been accused of unethical and abusive behaviour.

As former megachurch Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll poises to launch his new church over Easter, he admitted that he may have started in ministry too young and too fast.

In an interview with NewSpring Church pastor Perry Noble, the megachurch pastor, once hailed by Forbes as one of the "most prominent and celebrated pastors" confided that he could have benefitted from the guidance of a mentor when he was younger, The Christian Post reported.

"I started ministry, quite frankly, too young. There were things that God did that I have no credit for or explanation for ... I was a kite, and then a hurricane came ... Any old kite will fly in a hurricane," he said.

The pastor's amazing faith journey started when he was "radically saved" by the Bible while he was in college.  He then got married to his wife Grace, a preacher's daughter at the age of 21, started a small group for Bible study a year after and pretty soon, the ministry rose to become the Mars Hill Church in 1996, with 10,000 baptisms.

The pastor, however, resigned in 2014 amid a slew of damaging accusations and controversies.  He was the subject of a lawsuit questioning how $2 million worth of the church's contributions was being spent. He was also accused of plagiarism, manipulating book sales, and fostering an abusive work environment. Two weeks after he left, the megachurch also folded.

During the interview, Driscoll thanked supporters who extended kindness to his family during their dark times. One of them is Pastor Perry Noble himself.

"I'm going to choose to believe in Pastor Mark and Grace [Driscoll's wife] as they set out on this endeavor to plant a church. And I just want to say that I support him 100 percent," he said.

Now, after weathering the challenges, Pastor Driscoll is set to start The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, reported CBN News.

The pastor is set to hold Easter Sunday services and start his ministry at Trinity Church which can host up to 1,400 people.