'Mario Tennis Aces' news: Nintendo to release a Mario tennis game in spring 2018

Facebook/ NintendoSwitchPromotional photo for Nintendo's upcoming video game, "Mario Tennis Aces"

Nintendo is going all out this year with new video games for the Nintendo Switch. One of its biggest reveals is a new addition to the "Super Mario" video game franchise, the "Mario Tennis Aces."

Nintendo recently released a video presentation unveiling its upcoming video games. The Nintendo Direct video features games like "The World Ends With You: Final Remix," "Kirby Star Allies," "Donkey Kong Country," "Dark Souls: Remastered," and more. One particular video game, however, stands out -- a sports video game of iconic video game character Super Mario.

"Mario Tennis Aces" was introduced by Nintendo with "Serving Up a Story Everyone can LOVE." The presenter of the video says, "A new Mario tennis game is bringing a new level of skill and competition to Nintendo Switch." The tennis video game brings in a new story mode since the previous Mario tennis game "Mario Tennis: Power Tour." According to Nintendo, the story mode offers "a new flavor of tennis gameplay with a variety of missions, boss battles, and more."

A few seconds of the title's gameplay is also included in the video with Mario battling it out against Luigi and other characters. "Mario Tennis Aces" is scheduled to be released during spring this year.

The video teaser by Nintendo also features new game contents for other Super Mario titles like "Super Mario Odyssey" and "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle."

As presented in the video, "Mario Tennis Aces" has a strong "Super Mario Odyssey" feel in it and even more with the tennis content. "Super Mario Odyssey" is one of the most successful video game releases of all time. The Nintendo Switch exclusive video game received great ratings from video game critics and was awarded the Best Family Game award by The Game Awards in 2017. Nintendo is yet to announce the exact release date of "Mario Tennis Aces."