Margaret Cho Korean spa experience: Comedian scares guests at LA spa [VIDEO]

Margaret Cho.(YouTube Screen Shot)

Margaret Cho's nightmare Korean spa has become big news on the web as the comedian has written a feature for Jezebel about her experiences.

Cho highlighted a part of Korean culture that has to an extent also shot up in various places in the United States among Korean ex-pats.

Many who have tried the Korean spas have had a wonderful time, however, Cho publicized her experience which is enough to frighten many away from ever trying one.

Cho wrote about her experience at a Los Angeles spa: "I have been going to the jimjilbang since I was a little girl in Korea. You can have a bath and a scrub and a sauna and usually a meal and other spa treatments if you like, and aroma is special because there's a huge swimming pool, a state of the art gym and a golf range on the top floor."

She explained that many of those at the spa kept staring at her, and eventually an employee came over to speak to her, "I walked out to next to the pools with her, and she sat me down on the wet bench and tried to tell me, very apologetically that I was making the women there upset with my heavily tattooed body. She was really sorry and embarrassed about it, and I felt bad, but I was actually enraged."

She continued, "I told them that Korean culture is one thing, but this place is in Los Angeles. We are not in Korea right now. This is America. And it's not like I enjoyed looking at their bodies that much."

Cho added, "These were all women of various sizes and shapes and some, like me, bore the marks of a difficult life. My tattoos represent much of the pain and suffering I have endured. They are part of me, just like my scars, my fat, my eternal struggle with gravity. None of our bodies are 'perfect'. We live in them.

"They aren't supposed to be 'perfect'. We are just us, perceived flaws and all. I am just only myself. I like a good scrub and a sauna."

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