Manchester Attack: How Manchester's churches are responding

A sign appeared on Tuesday morning urging people to 'Pray for Manchester'Reuters

Manchester's churches are offering refuge, prayers and support to the victims of the terrorist attack that killed at least 22 people, including several children, on Monday night.

A 'lone wolf' suicide bomb hit a teen pop concert at Manchester Arena with 59 left injured, including 12 under the age of 16 and several in a critical state.

A Mancunion pauses to pay respects near the Manchester Arena, where 22 were killed by the suicide bomb.Reuters

Several churches near the area responded by offering shelter to emergency services and families of victims throughout Tuesday as well as prayer vigils.

Audacious pentecostal church, a two minute walk from the Arena, is opening their building for prayer, counselling or refreshments for emergency services.

Pastor Jason Alexander described the atmosphere in the city centre as 'eerie' and 'quiet'.

He told Christian Today: 'I think the main thing we are responsible for is prayer,' he said.

'We have been in contact with the churches and chaplaincies in the hospitals. They have got a very busy hospital so we have offered any support there.'

The church is also holding a public prayer meeting at 7pm tonight with several other local churches set to join.

The Anglican Manchester Cathedral was cut off by a police cordon surrounding the venue but the Dean hosted a prayer service at lunchtime at nearby Deansgate.

Other prayer vigils are also being organised by churches around the city, including one in Fallowfield, near where police detonated a controlled explosion after arresting a 23-year-old man in connection with the attack.

The Catholic Diocese of Salford is also organising a prayer vigil and mass tonight in Salford Cathedral.

Other churches around Manchester also offered their thoughts and prayers, many of them opening their buildings for vigils.