Man stabbed after telling attacker he needed Jesus instead of a cigarette

Georgia police searching for the assailant.

Danny Robinson displays his stab wound.WALB video screenshot

A Georgia man is recovering this week after being stabbed on Sunday.

Danny Robinson was assaulted by a stranger outside of a convenience store in Thomasville after trying to tell the man about the Lord.

Robinson, who is homeless, said that he was standing outside the Green Food Mart on Green Street around midnight when a man approached him. The man asked for a cigarette, but Robinson said he would not give him one. Instead, he told the man that Jesus is what he needed.

"He didn't like that," Robinson told WALB, "so he said [expletive], female dog name, and all that."

The attacker then broke a beer bottle, and stabbed him in the side. Robinson said the physical pain wasn't too bad.

"People were like, 'That man just stood there, the bottle was broke on him and he didn't say ouch or fall or nothing,'" he recounted. Robinson said the man may have been intoxicated.

Police are still looking for the man that attacked him.

"We were given a slight description of the gentleman who might have cut the gentleman, but at this time we're still investigating, trying to locate the suspect," Lt. Eric Hampton of the Thomasville Police Department said.

WALB posted the story to their Facebook page, where many commenters applauded Robinson's evangelism.

"So sad that this happened but bless him for doing Gods [sic] work and sharing the good news of Jesus!" wrote Amanda Senn.

"We are all supposed to share and help one another! Bless this man! Glad that he was not alone that God and angels were with him and it wasn't any worse! Prayers for both men! God bless all and may the devil flee cuz his time is coming!"

Robinson said he would not have handled the situation any differently.

"See because if you're going to be bold then you're going to take whatever is going to happen," he told WALB. He said that he is standing firm in his faith, and is thankful he wasn't hurt more severely.

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