Making a splash: Methodist minister baptises 16-month-old toddler in the sea

A Methodist minister surprised holidaymakers this week when she baptised a toddler in the sea at Weymouth beach.

Stephanie Jenner of the United Church Dorchester, dipped 16-month-old baby Lola Green into the ocean on Monday, with proud mother Hanna Young and Lola's godparents looking on.

Lola Green was baptised by Rev Stephanie Jenner.

Around 30 people were present for the unconventional baptism on the Dorset coastline, praying and singing together with Jenner immersing Lola into the water three times – in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit – before marking her with the sign of the cross.

Jenner told Christian Today: 'We went to the beach because Lola loves the water and it felt like a real celebration day for all the family and the church as we welcomed Lola.'


 Lola was presented with her baptism candle and certificate and the party then shared a specially made cake.

Jenner told the news website MailOnline: 'It was a thoroughly amazing day. Obviously we usually do baptisms in the church but today we decided to go down to the beach.

'Lola loves the water but it was a bit cold so it was a bit of a shock. We had a nice cuddle afterwards and she was absolutely fine.'