Make your family tree at Leominster Priory

One of the biggest churches in Herefordshire, Leominster Priory, is participating in the first Festival of Churches.

Over 250 churches in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire will be hosting a weekend of events aimed at raising funds for their upkeep and encouraging more people through their doors.

Leominster Priory, founded in 660AD, will be putting on a family tree event involving an exhibition of records and artefacts from its past.

The records date back to the early 12th century and visitors will be able to search for ancestors and research their family history.

Organiser Wendy Coombey is extremely excited and fully anticipates a "great weekend".

She said: "We are inviting people to bring dates and details of family events from the past 100 years and we will try to find your family records in the registers.

"We will show them how to use the parish records that could start their family tree."

Other activities on offer include a talk by churchwarden Deborah Jarman, who will give tips on how to use parish records to research family trees and discover the history of Leominster.

"All told, we have a busy and packed weekend which we hope will appeal to everyone," said Coombey.

The Festival of Churches takes place on September 14 and 15. Tickets cost £8 and £6. Find out more at