"Majesty, the Sorcerer and the Saint" : A Christian Version of Harry Potter

|PIC1|A Christian alternative to Harry Potter has released earlier this year, aimed towards people ages 10 and up.

Majesty, the Sorcerer and the Saint, a fantasy adventure novel, was written by David Murray, former Disney animation artist, and award winning story writer, whose screen credits include Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear.

Compared to the bestselling Harry Potter series, the book is about sorcery from a Christian perspective and portrays magic as a dangerous force with destructive consequences.

The story is about two children, Jack and Katie Campbell, who are thrust into a world where they discover that the power of God and the forces of magic are very real. With a guardian angel to protect her, Katie stands against the wizards of the Nohr World who are at war with the Almighty; while Katie’s brother, Jack, joins forces with the wizards to find and capture the most well guarded creature in the universe, the white horse of Christ’s return, known as Majesty.

Recently, Murray has been interviewed on Christian International radio, done numerous radio talk shows across the country, and been a guest on PAX TV to promote the book.

In addition to his screen credits with Disney, Murray has also worked on the animated feature film, Curious George, by Universal Pictures. He is a past award recipient of the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators Gallery, and also the 2004 Gold Aurora Award. Murray lives in Central Florida with his wife, Mary Ellen, and their 3 children.

For more information please visit dwmurraybooks.com.