'Magic Duels: Origins' release date: Game now available for PC and XBox One

"Magic Duels: Origins" is now officially available for both PC and XBox One.

Although the game is reaching those two new platforms just now, it has actually been available for weeks but only to iPhone and iPad users.

Noticeably absent from the list of platforms currently capable of supporting "Magic Duels: Origins" is PlayStation 4 (PS4); and unfortunately, fans will have to wait a while longer as there is not even a release date provided for the PS4 version of the game yet.

For those who may be unfamiliar with this franchise, "Magic Duels: Origins" actually has its roots in "Magic: The Gathering," a card game that has been a cult favorite for many years now.

According to iDigital Times, "Magic Duels: Origins" is an important title because of what it could be setting up for the franchise. The game will reportedly be used as the foundation for other "Magic" titles in the future; and what this means is that all new cards that will be added to the franchise will also be seen in "Magic Duels: Origins."

As of now, there are three distinct game modes in "Magic Duels: Origins." First is the offline story campaign that single players will want to try out. Next is the offline or online head-to-head mode for friends to enjoy, and last up is the online Two-Headed Giant mode.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, "Magic Duels: Origins" will be a free-to-download title. The game will also feature a ton of unlockable cards, giving players the chance to grow their decks more with every match.

"Magic Duels: Origins" will reportedly not have any content that players will need to pay for. Instead, the game has a built-in currency system that rewards players with coins they can then use to purchase booster packs that contain the cards they want to collect.

Coins can be gained through single player, online matches, and other in-game challenges.