'Magic Duels: Origins' release date for console, PC versions to follow after iOS launch

Magic Duels: OriginsWizards of the Coast

Game publisher Wizards of the Coast has officially launched "Magic Duels: Origins" for iOS, making the game available for iPhone and iPad users. The game will officially become available for the Xbox One and PC on the currently scheduled launch weekend of July 17 to 19. According to iDigital Times, the PS4 version has been delayed to August. 

According to the official release notes on the Wizards of the Coast site, there will be pre-release events from July 11 to 12, and there will be an official Game Day to host live competitions on Aug. 8 and 9. 

"Magic Duels: Origins" is a free-to-play title, meaning gamers can avail of the game without having to spend a single cent. There will be in-app purchases so if gamers want to shell out cash for better decks and rarer cards, they have the option to do so. However, all the cards can also be obtained just by playing, although it may take time and a considerable amount of skill. 

Magic Duels: OriginsWizards of the Coast

This game will also change how "Magic the Gathering" is played on digital formats. Instead of releasing yearly editions, "Magic Duels" will simply be updated and patched up as new cards, rules, and additions are released. There is also some form of connection between the live-action and the digital version of the popular trading card game. 

"Future iterations of 'Magic Duels: Origins' have the opportunity to be patched," said brand manager Liz Lamb-Ferro. "Unlike in previous versions it was like 'here's the package of features, this is all she wrote.' Now it's an ongoing process." 

She added, "One of the challenges with that is how do you decide with what you're going to launch with right from the get-go." 

According to the release notes, "Magic Duels: Origins" currently has 272 cards altogether: 101 common; 80 uncommon; 55 rare; 16 mythic rare; and 20 basic land cards.