Macbook Pro 2013 and iOS 7 release date rumor: Apple Keynote event Sept. 10, 2013 with iPhone 5S/6, iPad 5

Apple has finally confirmed the date of its keynote event by sending out a colorful invitation to selected media on Sept. 4. The invitation is decorated with colorful bright dots with the infamous Apple logo in the middle with a message that simply reads, "This should brighten everyone's day."

Rumors have been rife that Apple will launch two handsets at the event on Sept. 10. The Apple iPhone 5S will be a step up from iPhone 5, with the usual upgraded specs and a new color in champagne or gold.

For the first time, the Cupertino based company will launch a cheaper version of the iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5C, in a variety of colors. The latest invitation definitely suggests that the iPhone 5C/6 will be launched.

The budget iPhone 5C is expected to come in the usual black and white options, including yellow, blue, and pink.

Apple is also set to launch the fifth generation iPad 5, the Macbook Pro with Haswell processor, a new line of Retina Display Macbook Pros, and refreshed iMacs.

During the WWDC keynote event in June, Apple only launched the Macbook Air featuring the Haswell processor, which improves speed and significantly prolongs battery life.

Fans have been waiting for a Macbook Pro refresh since it was last released around this time in 2012, so it is very likely that the new line will be unveiled at the event as well. Weeks prior to the event, retailers such as Best Buy and Mac Mall have been offering discounts of over $100 for selected Macbooks in order to clear their inventory to make way for the refreshed line.

Along with all the new hardware that we will get to see, Apple is expected to finally make the iOS 7 Gold Master version available for iPhone/tablet users around the time the event kicks off. The revamped iOS 7 was first introduced at the WWDC in June, an so far already 6 beta versions have been made available for developers. It is highly unlikely that Apple will release a beta 7 and the company is expected to go straight ahead with its Gold Version launch imminently.

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