MacBook Air 2016 release date news, specs, rumors: Laptop to arriving October? 4k graphics support among features

Apple is still keeping their MacBook Air 2016 release date under wraps.Creative Commons

A slew of rumors are once again pointing to the possible cancellation of the MacBook Air 2016, but other experts still believe that the MacBook will instead be revamped and released before October ends. After all, a lot of people still anticipate the device's release, and despite the lack of official updates, it could be possible that production is still underway.

According to Game N Guide, fans of the upcoming device should rest easy knowing that the new Apple MacBook 2016 will have a plethora of remarkably excellent specs complemented by equally awesome features. For one, its appearance will see a major breakthrough. The device has become even slimmer and thinner compared to its predecessors. 

Aside from a major face change, the MacBook Air 2016 will also have the latest Intel Processor, as well as USB Type-C ports, a flatter keyboard, and finally, Touch ID support that also incorporates the Apple Pay service. The last feature is made possible because of the fact that the MacOS Sierra update will be used as the OS for the upcoming device.

Unfortunately, Apple might stick with its decision to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack on all of its devices, and as such the new MacBook might lack this feature as well.

Furthermore, according to the Christian Daily, it is possible for Apple to give more power to the graphics and display capabilities of the Apple MacBook Air 2016 since it might boast a 4k graphics support. It will then be possible for the laptop to become more gamer-friendly, coupled with the fact that it will have a pretty powerful AMD GPU, but no specifics has been given yet. In any case, it could be possible for the product to come with the latest AMD Polaris GPU.

The MacBook Air 2016 might be released on Oct. 24, which is around the same time as the reveal of the 2016 MacBook Pro Retina.