Luis Palau mobilising next generation of evangelists

Luis Palau has shared the Gospel all over the worldPhoto: The Luis Palau Association

Luis Palau is known for his large scale evangelistic festivals but his next event won't be aimed at the unchurched, rather on equipping those reaching out to them with the Gospel.

From August 19 to 21, he will be holding a much smaller event focused on raising up the next generation of evangelists.

The 150-plus participants of the Connect Conference will benefit from his years of experience in leading evangelistic festivals around the world.

A range of educational workshops will engage the evangelists in key areas like ministry development, collaboration, financial accountability, fundraising, social media and message contextualisation.

In addition, there will be labs on the personal life of Luis Palau providing insights on how to balance family and marriage with career evangelism.

The conference is being organised by Alliance Ministries, a part of the Luis Palau Association focused on identifying, affirming, equipping and mobilising evangelists across the globe.

Alliance Ministries was born out of the understanding that a single evangelist or organisation can only reach so far, but collaboration across ministries can multiply their impact.

"We deeply appreciate the phenomenal openness and encouragement that flows from Alliance Ministries. We have tried to emulate that spirit of cooperation and unity when other ministries approach us for advice and assistance," said evangelist Steve Wingfield, who will be leading one of the workshops at the Connect Conference.

"I thank God for the vision of Luis Palau to mentor younger evangelists like myself, and to give us a platform to share Jesus Christ around the world. I couldn't have done it without him," said evangelist Jose Zayas, who will be emceeing the Connect Conference.

The evangelists will also have the opportunity to hear from bestselling author Lee Strobel, Luis Palau's son and president of the Luis Palau Association, Kevin Palau, York Moore, Nick Hall and Scott Dawson.

Kevin Palau said: "For 50 years, dad's passion and our ministry's mission has been to win as many people as possible to Jesus Christ. We realised we would be more effective in accomplishing that mission if we would affirm and bless other evangelists."

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