'Love, lost and found': New video shows how Easter is like a fairytale – with one key difference

YoutubeA short new video titled 'Love Story' explores how Christianity is like many great myths and fairy-tales – but with one crucial difference.

The Easter story is a myth. And it really happened.

So says evangelist Glen Scrivener, the author of a new Christian outreach resource titled 'Love Story: The Myth that Really Happened'.

The premise of the short Easter-themed book is explained in a dramatic, beautifully illustrated new video released at the weekend, which can be watched below.

'We all love stories. We can't help it. They fill our vision and capture our heart. And these stories all follow familiar patterns: rags to riches; the monster defeated; love lost and then found again. Across the ages and down through history, these same themes have resonated with people,' the book's description says.

'Is it possible that these themes go deeper than the story books? Could it be that we tell such stories because we are in such a story? And might the ultimate Hero have shown up, turning it all from fiction to fact?'

Christian Today spoke to Glen Scrivener about what inspired his latest work.

'Love Story begins with the conversion of CS Lewis.' Scrivener says.

'At that stage in 1931 Lewis was having a conversation with JRR Tolkien. Lewis said the Easter story was just one more story, the dying gods...all those myths are just "lies breathed through silver".

'Tolkien said "No, they are not lies."'

Tolkien introduced Lewis to the idea of a true myth, the possibility that all the longing of human narratives finds its completion in one grand narrative that really happened. Lewis was converted in weeks, and his life – and his own storytelling – was transformed. 

Scrivener explains: 'Maybe there is a grand story...we're all living in it, and if that's true, then Jesus is the ultimate hero. The big difference between Christianity and the other fairytales is that this one really happened.'

The first chapter of the resource can be read here. Scrivener calls the book a 'cheap and cheerful giveaway' that he's hoping will give many non-Christians the chance to understand the significance of the Easter story in a new way. He's hoping that those interested in Love Story will share the video on social media and order the book, which is free for enquirers.

Scrivener's latest video is the latest in an increasingly long line of creative, dramatic efforts made in collaboration with the evangelical organisation Speak Life. Scrivener is a talented poet who clearly enjoys using words and the visual arts to tell a story. Christian Today's Martin Saunders called him 'Youtube's most innovative Christian'.

'I love the potential for these little messages to infect social media,' Scrivener says.

'The amount of video content that gets consumed by people online every day is frightening, especially when you realise that most of these are cat videos.

'It's just nice to throw out some stuff that might get people beyond the sneezing panda and "Charlie bit my finger".

'We've got good news to tell. This is the format in which people are telling stories...it can reach millions, so why not?'

The Love Story website reads: 'The Bible tells a love story. It is a romance with one hero at its centre – the Son of God – and he longs to bring us home.

'Love stoops, love suffers, love sacrifices and love stands again. This is the meaning of the Easter story.'

Love Story is available to order now

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