'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' season 4: Mimi Faust admits 'leaked' tape is staged

Khadiyah announced that she might be pregnant with Yung Joc's ninth child in Love and Hip Hop season 4.VH1

It seems like Khadiyah's idea of joining Yung Joc's "Baby Mamas' Club" will never happen, even if the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star turns out to be pregnant with the rapper's ninth child. 

KD recently revealed that she might be carrying another Yung Joc offspring, but it does not sit well with his other baby mamas, particularly with Sina. According to the mother of Yung Joc's youngest twins, Khadiyah will never be close to the other mothers even if her pregnancy gets confirmed. 

"KD has buried herself in a hole with all of us. She hasn't really had a situation with Carla because Carla really stays to herself and she's not really involved with us ladies. Even if KD is pregnant, she could not be a part of our club," Sina said. 

Fans of the show know how hostile KD is with the mothers of her boyfriend's children. In a past episode, she and Sina almost had a physical debacle after the rapper arranged a meeting with her and all the mothers of his kids. 

Meanwhile, another "LHHA" star Mimi Faust has been in hot water since admitting that the controversial leaked intimate video between her and her former boyfriend Nikko London was staged right from the start. When the leaked tape came out, Mimi claimed that it was stolen from Nikko's belongings while he was at the airport. She also said that adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment got a copy of the tape, and they called them to offer a deal. She also said that she and Nikko had to film more bedroom scenes so that they could meet the company's time requirement to be able to make a profit from the tape.

However, recently, Mimi confessed to Us Weekly that it was Nikko's idea to publicize their intimate moments, and she reluctantly obliged. 

TMZ reported that both Mimi and Nikko earned more than $400,000 in pre-sales back in 2014, and Mimi confessed that she is still earning from the video up to now. However, the reality star said that agreeing to sell the video is one of her biggest mistakes, and she wishes to take it back if she could. 

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" airs every Monday on VH1.