'Love and Lies' episode 7 spoilers: Nejima confronts the white-haired man

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Episode 6 of "Love and Lies," or "Koi To Uso," aired on August 8 and it was filled with a lot of cute moments between main characters Lilina and Nejima. The episode centered around the arranged couples attending a class which is a cross between sex education and couple counseling. Since the anime has been mostly faithful to the manga version, the events of the next episode can easily be speculated by readers of "Koi To Uso."

The ending of episode 6 shows Nejima pushing Lilina on the bed and hovering over her. This was due to his fear of being penalized by the government since he heard some of the participants discussing it shortly after the facilitator ended the program. Upon arriving in the assigned room, which turned out to be very similar to a motel room, both Lilina and Nejima find themselves to be very uncomfortable. 

If the series continues to follow the manga, and as the readers of "Koi To Uso" already know, nothing happens between the two characters. Lilina shares her feelings toward what Nejima did, and she finds it unnatural and inappropriate — staying true to her stand of general distaste for him. However, fans already know that Lilina are starting to develop feelings for Nejima, starting with her having dreams of them kissing passionately. 

It is also highly likely that Nejima will cross paths again with the white-haired man who approached him during the government presentation; wherein he tells Nejima that he and Lilina will be observed in the next room. In the manga, Nejima feels tricked, and confronts the white-haired man — only to be thrown another question. The white-haired man asks Nejima if anything happened between him and Lilina, and immediately surmises that nothing happened. He goes on to say that if Nejima were in the room with Takazaki, Nejima's true love, then something might have happened. Then the white-haired man leaves Nejima to his thoughts. 

As of now, the anime is on the 55th chapter of the manga, which currently has 139 chapters. It is safe to assume that there will be at least 5 more episodes before the series ends. 

Catch episode 7 of "Love and Lies" on Monday at midnight Japan time on Tokyo MX. Outside Japan, the series is available via Amazon Prime's Anime Strike service.