Looking for a 'faith lift'? Join 20,000 Christians and friends at J.John's Just One

Philo TrustJ.John in action

Evangelist J.John will share the hope and security of the Christian message with more than 20,000 people at a football stadium in north London on Saturday.

His aim is to give people a 'faith lift' after the shocking events of recent months and inspire them in their journeys to follow Jesus.

The event at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal football club in north London will include an address from the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby as well as worship from Matt Redman and music from the London Community Gospel Choir, who have worked with artists such as Madonna, Tom Jones, Adele and Sir Elton John. 

'I am really excited,' J.John told Christian Today.

He has deliberately extended invitations to his Just One event to vulnerable groups on the margins of society.

He referred to the Parable of the Banquet in Matthew 22, when a king invited random strangers to  his son's wedding after the invited guests didn't show up. J John said he had himself put thought into reaching out to these same 'others' for Just One. 'I had this feeling we should reach out to people who are vulnerable, particularly survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.' So 300 people connected with that tragedy will be there, along with residents of a Church Army hostel in London and another hostel in Islington. 

He spoke of the 'turmoil, unrest and despair' in society at present and the search for security, stability and hope. "I believe, we do believe, that Christianity offers these things.  

'As well as having a great day, our hope is that many people may take a significant step in their journey of faith.'

J.John continued, 'Atheists make all these statements about Christians. In my living memory, no atheist has ever booked a football stadium to proclaim their values.'

He added: 'If you are a Christian, come anyway because it will give you a faith lift. If you can bring a guest, it might help them too in their journey of faith.

There hasn't been an event on this scale in the UK since American evangelist Billy Graham visited 32 years ago.

'After recent events, there is a greater need than ever for communities to unite behind a message of hope and compassion. Following the fire at Grenfell Tower and recent terrorist attacks in Manchester, London Bridge, and just down the road from the Emirates Stadium at Finsbury Park Mosque,' he said.

After the attack at the Finsbury Park mosque a mob formed around the attacker, but the Imam stepped in calling for restraint and calm.

J.John believes that all the world's problems are born out of a lack of forgiveness. While governments and charities attempt to alleviate the symptoms of these problems, faith leaders can tackle their root cause, as the Christian message is one of forgiveness for the past, new life today and hope for the future.

On Saturday, he will preach on hope.

This echoes his Ten Commandments series in 2012, when he offered people the opportunity to seek forgiveness for each of the commandments they had broken. When he spoke about stealing he asked people to return what they had stolen, and set up amnesty bins for those who couldn't return things to the people they had been stolen from.

Afterwards, more than £500,000 was found in the bins, which was then donated to hospices and charities. Following the commandment on murder he called for an amnesty on weapons which saw people handing in knives, guns and ammunition, cleaning up the streets. In Liverpool, so much ammunition was handed in that the police had to take it away in two armoured vehicles.

He hopes that JustOne will trigger a similar outpouring of goodwill from all those who participate and that it will be followed by similar Christian stadium gatherings around the UK. 

Philo TrustSpreading the Gospel of Christ: J John at Just One