'Longmire' season 5 release, renewal updates: Ally Walker believes new season is possible; fans campaign for Netflix renewal

[photo: YouTube Screen Capture/Netflix]

If Ally Walker's predictions will turn out to be accurate, "Longmire" will return for a fifth season.

The "Profiler" alum joined the Western-inspired crime drama in its fourth season as Dr. Donna Sue Monahan, a psychiatrist who developed a great chemistry with Robert Taylor's Sheriff Walt Longmire. But while her character seems to have a promising relationship with the Absaroka County sheriff, the fate of the show remains in limbo.

But Walker exclusively told Parade that she believes that there will be a fifth season for the contemporary Western crime drama, and she could possibly return for the next season once Netflix gives it the go-ahead.

"I think there is a possibility that I'm going back, and if you watch it, there's a really interesting little cliffhanger that you'll see at the end of this year. So I'm pretty sure I'm going back, and we'll see what happens," the actress shared.

"Longmire" experienced its first cancellation after its third season last year, when A&E, despite the show's positive reviews and high ratings, decided to stop airing the series because it did not fit the target demographic. But the fans were very passionate to keep the show rolling, and they urged Warner Bros. to offer the show to other networks.

In November 2014, Netflix made tan announcement that it would air 10 new episodes of "Longmire" season 4. The season premiered on Sept. 10.

But while Netflix has yet to make an announcement about the fate of the show, "Longmire" fans are making sure that the streaming service provider knows that they are looking forward to another season by staging a big event on Oct. 7.

The announcement for the upcoming "Longmire" event was posted on the "Longmire Posse" Facebook fan page, which says:

"Be sure to join the Stampede next Wednesday night! It is so important that we demonstrate to Netflix that we are as engaged as ever! During the hour long Stampede, every share on Facebook of a Longmire Posse post, will go directly to Netflix & Longmire pages, as they will be tagged in every post! If you tweet, be sure to retweet all content with the hashtag on the poster, and @netflix in the tweet - as those too, will be seen by Netflix."