'Longmire' season 5 details to be announced during Longmire Days convention?

Longmire season 5 promoNetflix

Very little is known about "Longmire" season 5 other than the fact that Netflix has officially greenlit the show to continue forward. But that is expected to change later this year during the Longmire Days convention which will be held at Buffalo, Johnson County, Wyoming. 

This will be the fifth convention thus far and is a celebration of the series due to how it has popularized the small town. As stated by the official town website, the convention will be held from July 8 to 10 and will hold several events not just in celebration of the series but also of the books that inspired the show in the first place.

Author Craig Johnson, who wrote the "Longmire" novels and spearheads the A&E and Netflix series, will be making an appearance during the event and so will several of the show's key figures and actors. It is expected that the showrunners, writers, and actor Robert Taylor will hold a panel specifically in regard to the upcoming fifth season.

Fans speculate that this may be the time that the first full-blown trailer will launch, presumably a few months before season 5 premieres on Netflix. A few key plot points may be showcased or the participants of the panel may give a little bit more insight on what fans can expect to unfold when season 5 arrives.

According to a report from Cartermatt, past conventions did see the likes of Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Adam Bartley and Cassidy Freeman attend, and despite their busy schedule, it is likely that a few of these will return for this year's event. 

The report also gives a fair warning to fans hoping to attend: there are thousands of people who attend every year and Buffalo is not a very big town, so it is noted that fans should book their hotel and travel plans early as the competition for accomodations will be tight once the convention begins.