Long Island Roosevelt Field Shooting: Shopping Mall, schools in lockdown (LIVE VIDEO COVERAGE, UPDATE)

A shooting at Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island has shocked New Yorkers on Wednesday and placed the mall as well as local schools on lockdown. Officials have reported that an active shooter is on the site, although it is unclear where exactly the suspect is.

A shopping mall spokesperson at the East Garden City mall has confirmed the shooting did not take place on the mall property, and other reports from social media sites explain that the shooting is believed to have happened in the parking lot outside the mall.

No one is being allowed into the mall at this time, and all those inside have been told to stay where they are as authorities investigate and search for the shooter. The suspect remains on the loose.

Garden City Schools were also put on lockdown as a precaution, school officials said.

The news comes just days after a mass shooting by Islamic terrorists in a Kenya shopping mall shocked the international community.